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About Ted

I graduated from Wheaton College in the class of 2009 with a double major in Business/Economics and Communication and in 2011 with a M.A. in Christian

Formation and Ministry. I now serve as a Marketing Coordinator for Crossway.

I love Star Wars, good books, witty TV shows, and baking and live Wheaton, IL with my lovely wife Kate, who plays the harp.

What is Taking Notice?

You know how they say our brains can only focus on a certain number of things at a time?

This, by necessity, implies that our brains filter out tons of stuff every moment: The noise in the background, the way the leaves dance in the wind, the laundry you’ve been avoiding. Most gets filtered out because it is an assumed normal, like the light from the sun or the gravity that keeps us grounded. I’m “taking notice” because I think there’s some good stuff we might be missing.

My goal, then, is to take note of the unnoticed in all realms of life.


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