I’ve moved to a new site – TextandWorld.com

by Ted Cockle

First off, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you for reading my semi-regular thoughts and book reviews. I’ve appreciated your interaction and feedback.

For the sake of added customization, I’ve decided to move to a self-hosted blog which can be found at TextandWorld.com.

While I plan to post content similar to what I’ve posted here in the past, I’ll do so under a new title: Text and World.

As I blogged here under the title of “Taking Notice” I noticed that my content all pointed to one thing, the re-uniting of theory and practice in the Christian Life.

So when it came time to determine a theme for this new home for my collection of thoughts, I went to webster dictionary and came across this definition:

praxis |ˈpraksəs|, noun formal

practice, as distinguished from theory: the gap between theory and praxis, text and world.

While unfortunate, the truth remains—the gap exists. We do not always allow our theory to ignite our practice. We do not allow the texts we read to ignite our lives in this world. With the Text as the compass, I hope to forge a path between this gap with the hope of seeing text and world reunited in the lives of believers.

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Thanks again!