Caps, no caps, or ALL CAPS

by Ted Cockle

When you type emails or fill out forms online do you use:

Traditional Capitalization

no capitalization


As I go through survey responses for work, it is interesting to see the different categories of people. I’d say the majority relies on traditional capitalization, but a close second is the “no caps” crowd. Interesting.

Perhaps my bias is showing here, but what is stopping them from hitting the shift key to capitalize words at the beginning of a sentence? Has the Internet  increased our productivity so much that we no longer have time for silly things like grammar? Or perhaps the informality of the web has instilled a new level of grammatical agnosticism. Perhaps I’m over-thinking it and they just don’t care. Who knows?

Regardless, it’s fun to exclaim, “CAPITAL!” in a British accent.


UPDATE: I’ve heard back from one who used to revert to “no caps” due to years spent writing code. I’ll admit I hadn’t thought of that, but that seems a completely legitimate reason for using “no caps”—especially since it’s thanks programmers that I have an interface to post my rambling thoughts on capitalization.