by Ted Cockle

It’s the first Spring in countless years that I have not had to endure finals week. It’s pretty nice. It also gives me the opportunity to sympathize with (and observe) those who are in finals.

As I walked to work this morning I crossed paths with countless students who looked like they were headed to the final judgement—heads down, eyes dark from lack of sleep, and a slow shuffle along the pavement from days of this sleeplessness. I wanted to grab them by the shoulders and encourage them with a “Hang in there buddy, you’re so close!” Then I realized that I would be just some creepy guy shaking them by the shoulders.

I noticed two types of folks as I walked. The “studiers” and the “zombies.”

The “studiers” had their notes out as they were walking. One group of girls was even quizzing each other on vocab words (I’m pretty sure, though I couldn’t really tell. They could have been talking about boys for all I know). Another girl was holding her running shoes as well as her notes  as if to say, “yea that’s right, I’m gonna go rock this final and run a marathon.”

The “zombies” looked down at the sidewalk with an expressionless face as they shuffled along. These were the aformentioned “dark eyed” folks. They carried no notes, no gym shoes, only a sleep deficit and (hopefully) the info they crammed into their brain late the night before. One boy whom I passed nearly walked right into me, and when I gave a “it’s no problem” smile I could have sworn he grunted and kept walking.

While I didn’t see this next type as I was walking to work, I thought it only fair to share the type of finals person I am. Ready? I am the annoying kid that tells people he actually likes finals week (and kinda does) but is secretly hiding the fact that he is stressed out quite a bit and his room is a mess type.

So whatever category you fall into—whether either of these or another—press on, for the end (of the semester) is near!