The Spoils

by Ted Cockle

I finally cleaned out the “unread” blogs on my google reader last night—the 1000+ icon had been haunting me for too long. After a while of reading, skimming, and unsubscribing from feeds that no longer pique my interest the number of unread posts was down to 0!

It only lasted for a few minutes, but I still feel like it was an accomplishment, and I wanted you to share in the spoils of my labor.

Amidst the 1000+ posts I went through (rather quickly mind you) these are the two things that caught my eye:

A great visual representation and reminder that “there is nothing new under the sun.” (Eccles. 1:9) and that logo design is really cool.

(via logodesignlove)

…and who doesn’t love a good Fett picture—let alone one in a suit!

(via DailyFett)