New Shoes

by Ted Cockle

This summer Kate and I have taken up running to support the active lifestyle we hope our family will lead. We want to be healthy parents and grandparents when that time comes just as our parents and grandparents are. Plus, running, just like many other fun activities, is all about the costume. You gotta have the right gear! The most important of which, for running, are the shoes. I figured that the nike cross-trainers I’ve had since high-school, and played countless lacrosse games in, probably wouldn’t cut it for any sort of semi-serious running, let alone legit training. So Kate and I made the trip to Dick’s Sporting goods yesterday afternoon to look for some new shoes.

Ever since I was a kid I have loved getting a new pair of shoes. With a some quick internet research help from my friend Dave, and some patience from Kate as I tried on about 5 or 6 different pairs, I finally found the right ones! The double bonus is that they look cool too!  With the new shoe “spring-in-my-step” Kate and I went for our first run on them this morning and they were great. Good purchase.