Blog Hopping

by Ted Cockle

It has been crazy and great these past few weeks.  Graduating from my MA program, work, summer plans, basically just life.  Life is busy.  I’m coming to grips with this.  When you work all day there is only so much that can get done before it is time to go to bed and start all over.  That being said, some of the fun stuff I have been working on during those hours is the creation of a new site.  I think there is something in me that just likes to create.

So last week I installed wordpress to and got a Cockle family blog up and running!  I’m pretty excited about it actually, and might start writing there more frequently than here.  I feel like more of my contemplations come out of family life and therefore would be better suited there.  I think star wars stuff will probably still get posted here.  And perhaps musings as I work to expand my MA final project into a more substantive work.  We will see.  You will see.

For now check out kate and my joint blog.  It’s kinda fun…