Natural Revelation

by Ted Cockle

Since I was a boy I have found science to be absolutely fascinating.  Whether it’s mixing things together in the kitchen (read “baking”), doing science experiments at school, or just observing the way the world around us works, I love seeing creation in action.  I’ve been asked a number of times, often skeptically, why I think science is so cool, and my response is usually the same.

Because it is AWESOME!

While I have been known to use that word a bit liberally in my everyday speech, I mean it in its fullest sense here.  God’s creation is awesome!  I find that with basic understanding of scientific theory, one can appreciate the intricacies and nuances of what God has created.  If you care to jump into my brain for a moment, this is what I see…

  • Instead of a plant on my windowsill, I see an experiment in the pH levels of the soil, the correct balance of nitrogen, and adequate sunlight that will initiate a healthy photosynthesis process.
  • Instead of just washing dishes, I see the ingenious design of soap that bonds to the oil and grime on one side of the molecule and mixes with water on the other, therefore enabling it to pull up all the left over food on the pan as you clean.
  • Instead of just the sound of a siren going by I hear the doppler effect which describes how waves compress and expand as they approach and move away from me (respectively).
  • Instead of just pendulums I see God’s creation of waves and the way they transfer energy in our world. (see video below)

When we take the time to appreciate the scientific principles and theories we often find more and more how “The heavens declare the Glory of God, and Sky above proclaims his handiwork.” (Psalm 19:1).  This is God’s natural revelation of himself.  We are not to worship his creation, but instead to see how great it is and then infer how much greater he must be.  This is why I love science, because despite many secular attempts to use it to disprove His existence, science all points right back to God and His awesomeness.

This video is what prompted this whole post.  It’s really neat how God puts stuff together…

(video via Kottke)