Happy Star Wars Day!

by Ted Cockle

Today is Star Wars Day!  A day that, no doubt, came about because some Jedi had a lisp.  Instead of saying “May the force be with you,” all he could get out was “May the forth be with you.”  This naturally led to “May the Fourth” becoming Star Wars Day.

While the day is not an official holiday, it is a fun to see Star Wars pop up all over the web.  Here are a few of my favorites so far today…

1. Mail Chimp (an email marketing provider)


2. Lego Star Wars III Site – While it’s not new for Star Wars day, it’s still super fun.  You get to run around as a clone trooper or jedi on their site!

3. 10 ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day from the Empire’s perspective (the bad guys) via DeathStarPR

4. Top Trending Twitter hashtag #maythe4thbewithyou

5. and of course…the big Blu-Ray Complete Saga Announcement

If you want to read more about what Star Wars day is about read this article from abc


I found these fun photos posted on somuchpun.com yesterday and wanted to share…