A New Tool

by Ted Cockle

Last weekend my brother-in-law and his friends came over and they showed me how to use “stumbleupon.”  If you need to waste some time, that is seriously the way to do it.  Stumble Upon is a webtool that sends you to other random websites that fit within your interests every time you click the “stumble” button on the toolbar.  Brilliant.  Yet, sometimes I feel like a lab rat who is trying to get food and not get electrocuted.  It’s the mystery of not knowing what gem is going to come up next that gets you addicted.  Needless to say, this is a great new tool to find funny blog fodder.  Very exciting, but perhaps not the best timing to find such a great time waster…

These past 2 weeks and the 2-3 weeks looking forward have been and will continue to be absolute crazy mode in the Cockle house.  Kate has her recital on April 9, my final MA project, as well as a MA case study are due the following week, and the week after that there are more papers.  I’m not saying all this to “brag” about how much work I have to do, cause that doesn’t make sense, and I don’t like doing that.  Instead, I wanted to inform you so that you know that there will be some serious “Productive Procrastination” going on in the next few weeks.  Whether it comes out in blog form or not I’m not sure, but we can only hope.  One thing is for sure however, I will be using my new time wasting tool, regardless of whether or not it is “productive.”