NFL May Replace Playbooks with iPads

by Ted Cockle


Rumor is that the NFL is considering replacing their play books and printouts with iPads.  This has the potential to be super sweet.  Instead of the quaterbacks looking a black and white printout pictures of themselves in plastic sleeves, they could be swiping through many more full-res color photos on the iPad.  I mean seriously, how much more fun is the picture on the right when it’s not in black and white.  Now the quarterbacks can see how awesome they look in color!

Plus, they could check their facebook, email, and other game scores while they wait for the defense to make a stop!

There’s also the whole saving paper thing.

As the article mentions, however, they would need to make sure that they secure the network lest opponents or even fans hack in.  That has the potential to be problematic.

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