Last Week Before Thanksgiving

by Ted Cockle

This week should be a pretty intense week, as projects in all classes are due! I’m more excited about some than others but thats just the nature of school I suppose.

Culture & Ministry: For tonight, I am working on a couple of things. First, I am compiling video footage that my group and I took from our multiple experiences in the Indian/Pakistani Community on Devon Ave. in Chicago. It is interesting to go through the interviews again but difficult to pare it down to only 5 minutes!
Also for tonight we are giving presentations on peer-reviewed articles on different cultures. The assignment was to pick two cultures or sub-cultures and find research based scholarly articles on them. For the presentation we are to analyze ways they are similar and/or different. I chose mainline Protestantism and the emergent church. I suppose I already have a handful of information about both of these topics, but I will see what the articles have to say…

Bible & Ministry: For Bible and ministry this week, we have our inductive bible study method assignment due. It’s actually been pretty fun to jump into different methods of Bible Study. The inductive method is definitely most natural to me, but I’ve come to appreciate aspects of others as well. The passage due for tomorrow is from Gal 5:7-12 I think. Should be a good time.

Spiritual Formation: Ok so I might have extended the truth a bit, since there isn’t anything due for me today. But we are going through people’s spiritual journeys in class which is emotionally taxing, but also rewarding. Mine is due on December 2nd.

History and Philosophy of Ministry: This is the Big one. Our big spiritual mentor paper is due this Wednesday. I picked John Calvin for my paper and I’m really excited. There is just so much information that I feel like there is no possible way to do it justice. I suppose I do have 8-10 pages to fill, but even still. So needless to say this is a big project. I’ve been researching Calvin for the past few months, and I’m excited to start translating that into finished pages…I guess I’ll do that tonight. It’s helpful that Calvin wrote everything that he believed about the Christian Faith in his Institutes. That will help with some of the background research. I’ll post more on this later.