Life Together

by Ted Cockle

So my previous post was correct, that we were to read Bonhoeffer for History and Philosophy of ministry class. I appreciated Bonhoeffer’s cost of discipleship and was excited to read Life Together.

As I read it, I was really encouraged by his words. There was one line in particular that really stuck out to me. While they are seemingly simple, I believe the ramifications to be huge. Bonhoeffer says “Christianity means community through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ.” Before you brush this off, think again on it. This statement is implying that our community is not merely initiated by Christ, but sustained by Christ and the power of his gospel. It is the gospel of Christ that allows us to show grace to one another, it is the gospel of Christ that absorbs the pain and guilt of our shortcomings in our community, it is the gospel of Christ that makes community what Bonhoeffer calls, “a divine reality.”

Therefore as we go forward, let us not think of the gospel merely as the initiator of our faith or our community, but also as the sanctifier and sustainer of our faith and community.