Graduate School Transition

by Ted Cockle

As a graduate student at Wheaton one might not think that there has been much transitioning that has taken place. However, this fall has been an interesting time for me. I feel a part of the community, but in my head I know that the undergrad realm is no longer my domain. That shift is quite crazy. To go from being well known by many to sitting alone in saga is quite a shift. This is not to say that my friends who are still undergrads have abandoned me, but I think a lot of it is a shift in my own perspective. I realize that the undergrad world is not one that I belong to any longer. Therefore it is tougher for me to interact even with my friends who are still undergrads. Another factor that pushes this is the fact that I am in grad school and working a lot. My rather busy schedule is not conducive to the “drop-in” style of interaction that undergrad life warranted. I’m finding that the only interaction I get with people at this stage is planned interaction. It has been a tough shift to go from the easy going spontaneous interaction to planned hang out time, but I suppose that is just the stage of life I am in.
As far as spiritually, the transition has gone so well. Because of the time spent in the local church while an undergrad, I am well connected to a body of believers that encourage me as I work through my sanctification. In this way, Church has been a constant in this time of transition, and therefore has been a huge blessing.